WaterDock Jacket - Black

$89.99 USD


The WaterDock jacket truly represents our outdoor lifestyle around 6th Sense Fishing. We incorporated a modern look with an outdoor use. The WaterDock jacket is an all-around jacket that can be worn anywhere. The name ‘WaterDock’ represents this jacket to a T, wear it on the water, or wear it on the dock; and by dock we mean off the water. The modern look will allow you to wear this jacket out to a nice dinner and still display your love for the outdoors.


  • Synthetic Down Fill
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wind Resistant Insulation
  • Inner Fleece Pockets
  • Button Snap Cuffs
  • Single Button Hand Pockets
  • Dual Chest Pockets with Button Snap Closure
  • 100% Nylon